Thursday, August 25, 2011

Cow and prashad

Something happened on that walk, but not sure what.  Searching for answers that I don't even have questions for.  Patience and stillness maybe they will help.

As I went to pranam to Gurudev, he offered that the goldfish was doing well today.  Nothing went through me, only words of gratitude.  Was this suppose to be a bone after my walk?  I went to sit in the Pahari Baba room.  Some of my deepest teachings have come from sitting in that room.  Slowly, some shadow of feeling started to seep back into my form--it felt like a bunch of mosquito-sized fairies repairing the mantel of my body.  What next?  Patience.  Stillness.  Wait for the inner guidance.  

Walking home was lovely.  Coming out the gate, I knelt at the first resting cow.  She ate the two sugar balls so gently and delicately from the bowl--so unhurried as if it was normal to have prashad served to her.  Why not, she lives outside a holy place and near a holy tree.

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