Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Faith and Food

Spending a few days eating little to nothing has reminded me of the importance of food.  In the past, I have done week long fasts and fasts once a week, but they were by choice.  There would be a little section in the beginning to adjust and then staying hydrated was a key part of it being relatively easy.  Over the years, I have conditioned myself to multiple small meals, more of a grazing approach, because of working physically and it not being comfortable to ride horses with too full of a stomach.   Another observation is that when I am on my slim weight, the body feels less forgiving about missing meals/snacks.  All of this got me thinking about faith and food. When my body decided it wanted to eat again, I was finding that being hungry was very distracting for my meditation--and I am not starving.  When I read about many of the disaster areas of the world where food is not available--they often mention their strong belief in God.  I have a lot to learn.

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