Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The unfolding of inner stillness

300 or more years old?

All of this sitting/meditating and spending a day immobile from sickness has made me appreciate what a new gear that I have developed.  I had kind of maxed out the doing mode, so now to be patient and even desiring the stillness.  Before, I don't think I could have had a job putting bottle tops on bottles all day, but now I probably could.  At times, that would even be too much "work."  The adventure continues.

The stillness isn't always so still and there is no place to go.  There are no edges for distraction.  Only an infinite container supporting the process.  New rules.  And they are dissolving too...

From The Gems:

"Stillness" Stillness is the means of allowing the God vibration to take over your whole being.

"The biggest attachment of the ego is to the illusion of free will." In reality, Mother Nature is the doer (do-her).

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