Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year From The Ashram Puppies

Those Eyes!
Coming out of their den
Seven Total
Photo line-up
Rolling Over
Everything is new, even a leaf

A petal on his nose
Getting tired
Nap time


Anonymous said...

Sue, those are the most gorgeous picture..........where is the mother ? May i do something to help ? they look quite healthy and happy in their mud den.

I hope they can get adopted.

Got back last evening from Ranthambore......had thunder and pelting rain on the 31st night...went early morning safari on the 1rst....the animals were in hiding from the cold but the forest looked happy and bathed for the New Year.........Gods blessed it with rain to get rid of all the soot from jeeps and dust. Apurv and I enjoyed the forest drive. Hope to connect in person with you soon. I may be leaving for Bombay tomorrow for a couple of days. Meanwhile happy new year.

Susan said...

Maybe HIS has an adoption page. The mother is taking great care of the puppies at the expense of herself. Making an effort to give her extra food every day.

I hope you at least enjoyed seeing the forest and a little time away!