Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Very Special Santa Came To Town

Grace, Beauty, and Wisdom

Multi tasking as usual--in photos, taking photos, answering the cell phone and being Gurudev
After meeting Gurudev, I feel like I understand the Christ energy and spiritual meaning of Christmas more than the material celebration of Christmas that I was raised with.  I have not been associated with any religion, but my family does celebrate Christmas.  Growing up, I had friends that were Jewish, Greek Orthodox, Catholic, Protestant, and more so I was able to sample different holiday traditions.


Anonymous said...

Hi Susan

Gurudev is an absolute divine everyday and anyday. We visited him on December 26th and he showed us the Santa cap and wore for us. My daughter commented " Baba,you have a real beard" and you are "Santa"- and he laughed and gave her the santa cap. The cap has traveled across the globe with us and is now at Little Rock, Arkansas. Our visit to India was like a dream came true with every moment full of pleasure.

I thank you for all these picture posts from people all around the world.

Susan said...

It is a privilege to be allowed to take and post the photos. Congratulations on the success of your travels.