Friday, December 23, 2011

A Day Of Luxury

View from the 5th Floor (Green hotel with solar panels and more.)
Spent a day hanging out in a luxury hotel, eating home cooked meals, walking in a beautiful garden, working out in a gorgeous gym, taking a hot shower, sleeping in a heated room with a real bed, and following around the owner.  She is a very generous, heartfelt, honest person who was busy getting hot samosas/tea for 150 people from the Leper's Colony, bottle feeding 5 puppies, arranging transportation for a vet to give a second opinion on an elephant that had hurt his back legs falling into a hole (he might have to be euthanized), selecting plants for the landscape, overseeing the progress on the house construction, looking at fabric clippings for new hotel upholstery, picking up a canister for more chicken broth to be sent over to Help In Suffering for the dogs, and more.  What a great day to immerse myself in the physical world.

Following a ride home, we stopped at the ashram for a few minutes, so she could see it and know where it is when she comes back to meet Gurudev.  I had one of those overwhelm moments when I felt what I call the Divine's energy field.  Another great opportunity to check on my commitment to the path.  

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