Monday, December 19, 2011

Communities Rising

Do you remember Kavita?  This was the program behind her remarkable process.  Look at what they have accomplished?  Congratulations!!

Communities Rising
Holiday Greetings from Communities Rising
Dear Friend,
Our first two years have been filled with interesting challenges, rapid growth, inspiring partnerships, and exciting opportunities. Our student population has expanded from 45 to800 students studying at 7 after school centers, and our staff has grown from 5 to 17 teachers. Over 100 volunteers have worked in our program. We now have 3 computer centers and a waiting list of villages interested in hosting a CR program.
There have been many “firsts." During the past 2 years, we have:
  • Started the state's first Lego robotics program 
  • Set up the area’s first primary school libraries
  • Organized the area’s first reading day for over 4000 students
  • Held area’s first residential summer camp for primary school students
  • Started  first swimming program for primary students
  • Conducted the area's first Digital story-telling program
  • Instituted first primary school arts program
We know we are doing something right when our students tell us that they are “bored during
vacations and can’t wait to come back to after-school;” our parents tell us that they “believe in CR
because everyone is treated equally and kindly, and for the first time, our children love going to
school;” and our teachers tell us that they love CR’s system of “joyful learning.”
In January, we are introducing an exciting new program called ATOM | Art To Many – a
program designed to teach art without art teachers. Under the direction of Fulbright Scholar
Kathleen Fritz and in partnership with the Srishti College of Art Design and Technology in
Bangalore, we have designed a curriculum that will bring regular art classes to all 800 of our
students. On January 3-4, our staff will be trained in the program’s curriculum and teaching
methods and the program will be introduced in our centers. On December 27, student volunteers
from Camp Hill High School will  leave for India to help with ATOM.

We invite you to see photos of our students and volunteers and learn more about our work
 in our Annual report. 
Without your  support, none of these programs are possible. Please help us
continue our work with the world's poorest children .

On behalf of our Communities Rising family, I wish you and your family
a happy and healthy holiday season.

Elizabeth K. McCoy
President, Communities Rising

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