Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Cow Bar

Cow Bar
Stuff is dumped at the corner, so the cows (pigs, dogs, and more) rummage at the site.  The cows are so friendly, more like pet dogs, so I leave my banana peels and other organic matter on the wall like a drink at the bar.  The bus stops there too, but I haven't seen one get on yet.

This adorable cow lives down the street.  I like the winter wear.

I keep looking at all of these left over coconut husks and think there must be some recycle program that could generate money from them.  The new delivered and the old waiting to be picked up.

The wet is drainage--afraid to ask from where....
There are new road improvements everywhere except I think they missed my street and went for how to make a road worse.  You have to walk down it to fully appreciate it.  The phone line at the ashram has been down for 5 days now?

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