Friday, December 30, 2011

Transparency 101

In the process of opening
It is sort of like boxing, only instead of hitting back you just stand tall and let the punches fly.  I had reached this point for moments before when I was okay with atrocious situations for myself or the "bring it on moment,"  but I obviously lost it.  Sitting in the pain from the dog and not asking for help, the pain did dissipate.  New understanding.  The transparency is being the spirit instead of the form.  No lint on the filter when one stays in spirit instead of identifying with form.  Spaciousness was revisited and my "heart" was wide open--a bus could drive through it now. The energy field feels like that of the Divine--what I have experienced in the presence of Gurudev or Pahari Baba.  When the little fairies have worked on my "energetic body" it has this same light feeling.  The other night, it felt like the fairies were working on the top of my head to create a little cap--the size of a flour tortilla.

Detachment struck me as being heartless, so I was really looking at how to work with that road block.  Transparency carries an image of openness, compassion, allowing, acceptance....formless. Amazing grace again to find this path so quickly.  Gratitude for the support who help to keep the markers in place and may the dog find it's own peace.

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