Saturday, December 24, 2011

Beautiful Bounty of Flowers

Can you believe this is December!  The day before Xmas!
A beautiful group of potted flowers were brought to the ashram.  Gurudev had gotten a new camera that was as light as a bird and he suggested that I take some pictures with it.  It had a great micro-picture taking capacity, so I learned a new technique which also worked with my camera.  Amazing new photo details!!

Do you see the face of the angel and wings?
I was meditating that Gurudev was in the middle of one of my favorite shots as an offering of love (looks like an angle inside) and then somehow it got turned around that I was in the flower center receiving his love.  So beautiful!  The desire to move, think, do, speak, act, was zero.  

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HeartMataji said...

Yes beloved, I see the Angel...Awesome...