Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A New Bridge

Deep Inside
While walking home from the gym, I was observing a local taxi driver approaching a tourist family with the hope they would need a ride somewhere (their t-shirts only had $ on them.) Fair enough, but it gave me a moment to observe the event instead of being a part of it.  I respect both sides: the driver's need to earn money and the tourists who would like to enjoy the view and some privacy.  As I neared the familiar driver, I didn't want to put on defense gear, but I had run out of tactics.  For a moment, everything got quiet, like it does in the ashram before I hear "the voice."  Having never heard the voice while walking, I was surprised to hear a string of coherent observations and sympathies coming out of my mouth as I spoke to the driver.  Only the voice was doing the talking with me as the puppet.  There was no ego, attachment, emotion, or pain--just an exchange of thoughts and words from my side.

More learning.  I have been in that place of deep listening without judgement while sensing horses, meditating, and sharing with close friends.   Wow, a new tool downloaded from the Divine once again!!!

The day before, I had re--asked Gurudev if there was anything I should change in my meditation approach, (I had gotten some more ideas from the book I had just finished), but he said "No, just keep doing what you are doing."  Now I can see how that sequence (mind agitation--#3 on his list of ways to disturbance), stillness, and "cosmic voice" can operate in the physical world. A new bridge and way to travel over the troubled land.

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