Saturday, January 12, 2013

Winter Wear

Bundled up for winter?
From the tribe of orange robed men to the tribe of white robed women...

I see how the Sister's create a selfless community to support one another in the offering of services.  They give credit to prayer and community for having the strength to act selflessly for the needy.  How to teach selflessness--through action and example?  They are there in service and pretty soon the residents begin to help and act in service to others as well.  I do observe that there are rules and sometimes a strong hand is needed to keep the order--not too different than other animals.  The vows of chastity diminish a lot of ambiguity in what role the women are serving.  In India, the Sisters are not paid, but they are supported. Other countries have different programs.

Christianity appears to be focused on humanity--humans.  Yes God has created all, but the humans are the focus.  When I point out that Ramakrishna's Principles are inclusive of all religions, all living entities, etc. there is a pause and a head nod.  They are praying for me.  At this point, I am not searching for God as much as how to be in service to the One.  They feel that a group is the real way to provide service.  They are a beautiful living example of a community supporting a community.  No one appears sour or put out about their duties.  All help to bathe, feed, and care for the needy.


I am not sure, but I think the man we helped from under the tree is there.  I will ask if he came from the SMS hospital.

There is already a list of horses to search for and horses to ride when I return.  How perfect to start where I left off and see how this vessel has changed (or not.)  Start with the familiar and see what unfolds.  There are many ideas cooking inside the brain cavity.

Gurudev continues to be the perfect Master with this assignment.  How to integrate human suffering/service with Divinity.

Morning sun.

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