Friday, January 4, 2013

Social Reform

So the only way to create social reform is education (thinking of the education of men so they are not violent towards women and more...)?

The look from Gurudev was prompting more.

Consciousness as the core of the education?

"Yes."  As he sees it.

So the periodic involvement of avatars is to help the consciousness movement gain momentum--get the ball rolling so to speak?

"Yes."  And the involvement of other highly evolved beings to help carry out the work.  Vivekananda is a perfect example of this.  He was a remarkable Saint in his own rite, but instituted to help the evolution of consciousness.

 Social stigma of rape around the world*

* Reading a wonderful book "The Light Of The Modern World" that talks about the evolution of the spiritual community starting with Ramakrishna.  It is written by Swami Bhajanananda a priest from the Ramakrishna Order.  The cool part is it was published September 2012.  It includes an up to date look at the spiritual evolution in the East and the West, (even highlighting the spiritual development on the West Coast of America.)  A must read for those who are interested in the bigger, ever evolving picture.

New plaster on the entrance.
Fish have been leaving their bodies a lot lately and one is in the process.  A surprising marker for me in my journey at the ashram.  There was a sick fish during the first major 'to my knees' heart cracking event with the starving,broken jawed dog.

I did a little research on the Ramakrishna Orders in SF and Berkeley, watched a few videos of some of the speakers, and read the information.  I was digesting the information while reflecting on the amazing presence of Gurudev/Pahari Baba, the depth of vibrational truth in his teachings, and the level of authenticity wrapped around all of it.  Maybe I would be better to sit with the memories, meditate, and continue to read?  Was this some sort of spiritual egotism sneaking into the unfolding?

"Follow your heart." was Gurudev's comment.  How simple and so beautiful for my heart to hear those words.  The tears were triggered and such gratitude for being encouraged to follow my truth.  Most of us probably wished that our parents had told us to follow our passion, heart's desire, true interest, so to hear it from the God Father/Mother---sigh.  The heart becomes saturated with Absolute Truth/Absolute Love while one is blissfully immobilized for a stretch of time.  My mind's curiosity would like to visit both locations.

The effects of the trip are still unraveling. Wow, what a trip!!!  

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