Thursday, January 10, 2013

Repulsion And Attraction

Power and humility
Repulsion and attraction--the perfect pairing of opposites to diminish or eliminate the point of separation.  At the last moment of total surrender does the moth realize it will be extinguished and engulfed in the flame?  Would there be an insanity point for the being with a higher level of consciousness?  The imagery comes to mind of while swimming in the depths there is a desire to swallow, so the immersion is complete.  Some part of the mind wants to say no, because it will be the end of life as is familiar in the body/mind, but another part doesn't care and wants to experience the totality of the water. Another imagery is a willingness to step off the cliff edge.  Part of the mind believes it will be a step towards death, but will it really?

How does one begin to express the magnetism to the Divine?  Beyond faith.  To me, faith resigns one to a small fraction of doubt, but all of the internal experiences takes one beyond doubt.  Alive science--the perfect blend of abstraction and concretization, but very personal.  Conscious madness?

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