Tuesday, January 29, 2013

What Is More Perfect Than This Moment?

So what am I waiting for?  Why not experience every moment of living as a moment of Absolute Love and Truth?  What else really is there and why would I want to separate myself from what Is?  Everything else is the game and how does my ego want to play the game!  Is there really sacrifice involved with living that level of truth?  Or does it only look that way from the outside?  The outside is the distraction and every time I stop to acknowledge the outside, it draws me back into the game.  And my-oh-my how the inner thoughts accumulated from outward observation want to create the strategy for the game.

While I have a body, the game will need to exist, so this is how I am going to play for now.  Still chasing my tail, but the bar for presence has been raised considerably--the new zero point.  The state experienced when my head touches the ground in pranam to Gurudev's feet and everything becomes blank; touching the flame as a speck of humility, gratitude, and selfless love. As I rise, the body comes back into focus and the game begins. The new rules, how little can I move off the zero point while still living in a body.

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