Thursday, January 3, 2013

Basic Nature

"Our basic nature doesn't change in a lifetime.  It is a gift from God."  Thoughts from Gurudev in his  lifetime of observing human nature.

After pondering this, I asked, "So we layer on ethics, morality, and spirituality onto our basic nature."

Gurudev, "Yes." (Smiling.)

More pondering, "So our strength can be our weakness?"

Gurudev, "Yes." (Nodding.)

Continued pondering, " So when we try to hide, mask, ignore, discredit, etc. our basic nature, it creates distortions which then leads to the human insanity plan?"

Gurudev, "Yes."  (Smiling and Nodding.)

Cannot stop pondering, " So our homework is to embrace our basic nature, learn to work with it, and acknowledge what it is?"

Gurudev, "Yes." "It is a gift given to us by God."

Jai Guru--how lovely the words of wisdom and way to embrace who we are.

I can see how this will help with my inner peace process--A LOT.  More tools for swimming in the insanity pond until one day it all changes...


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