Thursday, January 17, 2013

Difficult to Breath

Somebody is having fun.  Endless work on the heart capacity.  The Divine Committee appeared to have the heart drill out again during meditation.  Always interesting to see what that translates to.

Today I got to witness the bandaging/doctoring of the MT patients.  Haven't looked at raw flesh and open wounds for awhile, so I needed to sit down and breath for the first one.  I have helped care for animals with wounds for a long time, so this wasn't too different.  The only part that took a bit to stabilize from was the remarkable scars, nasty-angry flesh trying to heal, and how nothing was desensitized while debriding the dead skin.  Overall, the medical techniques were way below the standard of what I witness at a veterinarian hospital in the western world.  Trying not to judge.  Good information for an emergency.

The beautiful part was the sensitivity and attention to detail by the doctor and attendants.  The attendants had been resident patients, so they new their job very well (from both receiving and giving.) Another 'breath taking moment' witnessing such love and care.  They handled the bed ridden as if they were their own children.  AND THESE ARE GROWN MEN acting this way.  It took me an hour of working out at the gym to really come to terms with the fact that brown-skinned men could act this way.  I had almost given up all hope.  I see bits and pieces of it at the ashram and the robed-brown skin have training in devotional behavior, but to see free-ranging-brown skinned men behaving in this way to another living being without any incentive other than service...  I love having my beliefs shattered and pulverized to dust.  Thank you God.

What was that cracking apart sound?  Had the heart drilling been a preventative measure for the astounding download of love that was moving through me at this point.  It was a new experience to sense a nuance of the spiritual blacking out from observing divine service instead of pain or direct spiritual contact.  The giant melting pot; I see more clearly there are no rules. 

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