Friday, January 11, 2013

Surprise Visit

While deep in meditation tonight, it felt like I received a visit from the souls/angels of the women at Mother Teresa's and then from the energy complexes of the Divine Genealogy at the ashram.  Uncontrolled tears and gratitude at a level that words don't exist.  A flicker of worthiness showed up as I questioned such a heartfelt visit from the "women in need."  My thankfulness was for them and what they taught me as I gazed into their eyes.  The grace from the Divine Genealogy was what allowed me to look with an open heart--nothing but love for who they are, respect for the challenges they endured to still be alive, and the beauty of the core principles of Mother Teresa's legacy to help the ones who have no one.  Staggering to say the least.  Took a little time to regain my footing in earth time to find my way down the street. 

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