Saturday, January 5, 2013

Detail Work

Hand painting the restoration work in the front of the ashram.  Living art.

"The Light of the Modern World"

Nine main ideas in Sri Ramakrishna's message:

1. The message of spiritual fulfilment.
2. Direct transcendental experience as the only proof of God and other transcendental truths.
3. Integral view of Reality.
4. Divinization of life.
5. Message of love and service.
6. Message of purity.
7. Development of a spiritual personality.
8. Message of harmony.
9. Practical Vedanta.

Animal themes: my dream involved me bicycling along a road with buses that had camels on top of them passing by, the camels were reaching down and touching me on the top of the head as they passed--in a nice way, and the deer from the ashram photo was on my meditation screen today.

This dog has the most interesting front legs.  They look like they were put on backwards.

The front legs might be a little bit short too.

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