Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Ramakrishna Temple, Jaipur

Under construction.
While Gurudev is on retreat for two weeks, he suggested that I look into volunteering at the Mother Teresa House in Jaipur and visiting the Ramakrishna Temple that is down the street.  Working on the permission to volunteer which could start as early as Thursday or Friday.  Looking at the photos of the injured, infected, and diseased reminded me of working at the veterinarian hospital's in California.  I almost forgot my interest to become a veterinarian.  Yet another circle in the fabric of life.

Sitting at the Ramakrishna Temple today felt like sitting at the foot of Ramakrishna's bed and feeling the breeze of the Ganges from two weeks ago.  How simple and so beautiful.

Extracting one's self from the insanity plan is almost as intense as living in it unconsciously.  People don't like change.  Part of the stone collection in the net I have been trying to lighten are people holding on.  Learning at every turn.

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