Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Latest Homework Assignment

Latest homework assignment: "Inner peace."  When I asked Gurudev two years ago if I could return, he asked me what was my goal.  I said that I was looking for lasting inner peace. So now, another turn on the spiral staircase and another depth to the same two words.  When I came to India, I was already a moral person, but now I have added a spiritual person to the list.  What does that really mean?  As a moral person, one can reach a high level of human decency from the human angle.  As a spiritual person, one can reach a level of human decency from the divine angle. The human angle is not to be discounted in any way, but the divine angle is more lasting.

The past two years have included a look at a culture that is very different and led me to tactics of behavior that were often very different than my normal approach.  I actually feel like I have moved the moral peg down the board while moving the spiritual peg up, (the two ladders mentioned in earlier blogs.)  All useful for getting a better understanding of the global community and trying out actions/reactions that are useful or not.  As he said, "That was all before, so looking at now and moving forward..."

In some ways, it is like getting the chalkboard erased.  When I came, he said I had the potential to reach inner peace and again, he restated that, (recognize that we are all on that path.)  He even referred to our first conversation which is part of what is so amazing about Gurudev; he ties everything together in such a coherent manner.  He isn't disturbed by my analytical mind.

The next clear part of the path is continuing with inner renunciation and detachment from what I can draw out of the toolbox.  I can place my single-pointed focus on this aspect clearly and without doubt now.  The awareness of the Divine has taught me about Absolute Peace even if I am not stabilized in it, so that is one of many lessons that have been invaluable.  I know that the Guru (embodied God) can do A LOT to help with these homework assignments, but I feel inclined to do as much scrubbing and washing of my laundry as I can--even if from a minute point of helping.  Having him clarify the point of focus is massive.

"Jai Guru" 

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