Sunday, January 13, 2013


Just being in India with all of the sounds of temple bells, wandering Sadhu's, and the chants/songs woven throughout the day's sounds are immersion factors in themselves.  The Gurudev out of town schedule is suiting me.

Early morning meditation
7:30 meditation at the Ramakrishna Temple
8:30 -12:00 service at Mother Teresa's
Evening meditation at the ashram

The splurge on the auto-rickshaw is delightful.  I recognize the texture of all the facets I pass by, but I am slightly removed without any work involved--a mini-magic carpet.

The conscious contact points to the Divine all share a sense of soothing peacefulness once my mind takes a seat.  Each location has specific sounds, rhythms, and nuances that flavor the Divine Soup. I will miss many of the direct markers that help one to stay intwined in the path to consciousness, but there will also be fewer outer distractions.

In Rape’s Aftermath, India Debates Violence Against Women

Besides acts like the recent gang rape and murder in New Delhi, women face a broad range of discrimination and death over things like dowry disputes.

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