Thursday, January 10, 2013

One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest

India is so quiet in the early morning.  Where is India?  The morning meditation time at the Ramakrishna Mission was very peaceful.  Experiencing the shape-changing effects in different locations now.  More grace.  Photos from the construction process of the new facility.

Inside the new temple.

Schedule at Mother Teresa's:

Help hang up the morning laundry to dry.
Hand out medication, ( a scene from One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest?)
Lead an exercise class.
Color with crayons.
Help with serving lunch.

The group of woman have different psychological challenges.  Amazing to hear the stories of people who come from the street, not identified/claimed by the family from a hospital stay, thrown out of their home, and more.  When I met them, I thought of a big group of puppies with an innocent presence.  Interesting for me to touch some aspect of humanity's basic nature. It was heart warming to say the least to experience someone content with just the simple acknowledgement of their drawing and a moment of appreciation for their creative efforts. Thank you Gurudev for this homework assignment.  In between activities, I could be content with the inner stillness that is ever present while waiting to offer a helping hand.

Meeting and speaking with one of the Sisters who has been in service for 50 years was also eye opening--a living version of Mother Teresa.  I was trying to get a better understanding of her religion and how Jesus Christ is worshiped.  She seemed a little bit concerned that I wasn't a religion, but it intrigued her that a guru had suggested I go there for examining service to humanity.  She spoke very passionately about dignity/respect that should be offered to every human on the planet.  

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