Monday, January 7, 2013

Three Story lines

My current life process feels like three story lines running simultaneously: wake, dream, and meditation. There is a video program for each, sometimes they overlap, and sometimes aspects trade places, and sometimes...  There are times when I feel completely alert, but I cannot access my information bank for names, math equations, and basic fact articulation, (unless that is a natural part of aging?)  Other times, I am present in the most profound stillness while the world is moving at its' normal pace.  And what about the times when I have no body, but only an awareness for a minimal state of being.  Of course there are times when I have heightened awareness as a motor vehicle passes absurdly close and feel some risk for the structure.

Pictures, movies, and sensory perceptions show up in all three states.  It is like living in a personal carnival.  And then I read that all is One, the Self is part of the Whole,  the body is only part of the ego's mental construction, on and on.  Carnival rides 24/7.  Not sure why it is all suppose to be  hush-hush unless it is because outsiders might think one is completely mad.  I accepted that a long time ago and now I know a tribe of people with similar experiences.  It is normal for this world.  What is normal anyway?

The inner world is so cool!  It has been fun being such an unknowing dork in this unfolding. There are some states that I would feel inclined to stay in, but then at some point the ride gets changed.  Maybe it is like living in a giant washing machine with agitating cycles, spin cycles, etc.   Giggle-giggle.

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