Friday, January 11, 2013

Mother Teresa's in Jaipur

If one wants to learn about the diversity of humanity--dying on the street to the highest level of spirituality--go to India.  It is a container with A to Z.  My path through life has frequently been visiting the hotspots of living manifestation of some lesson to be learned.  India is turning out to be no exception. I further appreciate why people living in comfort could be distracted from the path to the Divine.  While I am living in India, it is the only thing making it tolerable.

Entrance to the Mother Theresa House in Jaipur
Part of the morning group
One of the gardens
I was assigned to trimming fingernails today and I meditated while they danced to music.  Some came and joined me while I was sitting.  Between not knowing the language and many of them not having the mental capacity to speak, it was lovely.  Just hanging out together.  Everything is well run, on a schedule, and thoughtful towards each person's individual needs.  They don't really need any help, so it is kind of them to let me join in.  The sisters are very proud of their success stories which they should be.

There was a chance to ask one of the sisters about being a woman in India and how they survive using many of the tactics I have had to resort to.  Even carrying a knife is often on their list.  As one of the men from next door stood on the rooftop staring down in a rude way and refusing to stop, I could even imagine gun violence.  Never having thoughts like these before, the education has been profound. 


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