Saturday, January 12, 2013

Life Fillers

In principle, time and space are an illusion, but while we are living in the illusion, we appear to be just filling time and space.  Most of us wake up, eat something, go to the bathroom, breath, fill time and space with some life activity, eat lunch, breath, fill time and space, go to the bathroom, breath, eat dinner, fill time and space, breath, go to bed, fill time and space and repeat.  Basic requirements for living?  Whether we are the caretakers or receiving the care the cycle is the same.  While reading about the different Spiritual Beings who have graced the planet, they had their list of challenges as well.  All for what?  To learn our lessons, so we don't have to come back as a body?

The group at Mother Teresa's don't appear to believe in reincarnation, but they share in the idea of God.  I got another nervous reaction when I said that I didn't have a religion.  The Sisters devotion to serving God is remarkable.  Their entire life is spent in this way.  No retirement needed, just an adjustment in job description with aging, so it is an extended family in principle.  Several who I have spoken to felt they had a calling from a very early age.

Washed windows
Sorted pills (Most residents are medicated.)
Observed the flow of life

Is it human nature to try and control one another?  I am trying to sort through my own list and don't really want to manage someone else's unless I am asked to do so.  Just trying to manage my own tiny area is a full time job.  People as a whole tend to be very nosey about what everyone is doing.  Is it a distraction?  Because of the number of people in India, does it get magnified here?

Watching the residents at the Home, they are respectful.  Is it because they are medicated?  More and more people are going for medication (legal or illegal) as a way to manage living.  A lot of the people in the US take drugs for depression and anxiety.  A growing number of children are managed in this way too. I haven't personally tried that path yet, but I have looked at it.  Was living on the planet always this hysterical? 


Kamal said...

I have been following your incredible spiritual journey/path since our last conversation, ... Love and Hugs,

Susan said...

I was thinking about you a few days ago and appreciating you providing an introduction to India on many levels. I never would have guessed that part would have come in handy, but it really did.

Thank you for the love and support.