Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Another Spiritual Checkpoint?

Yesterday, Gurudev had asked me if I had spoken to anyone at the Ramakrishna Temple, so while I was there today, (checking on the schedule for the next two weeks), I downloaded a few questions:  ask about joining the Ramakrishna Order, are there benefits to being with a group of spiritually devoted beings, and what about women in the Order?  There are only men in Jaipur.  Visiting the one in San Francisco will be useful, since they have a women's division.  There are benefits to being in a group if it helps one to stay focused and on the path, but if one has single-pointed focus, no desire to be in a group, and devoted to the Divine--this could even be a straighter path.  They have a 10 yr. plan for reaching Sannyasi.  I wonder how that really works when we are all different and does a goal like that create some level of attachment/desire?

Another spiritual checkpoint?  Fun to talk to one of the gentlemen on the ten year plan and one of the head people in an orange robe.  I keep wondering how my appreciation, wonderment, and profound gratitude for Gurudev, Pahari Baba, and the Divine could grow even more, but there are moments like having a debate with one of the Mission's teachers regarding the purity of the principles as read in the Ramakrishna Principles, (and heard from the mouth of Gurudev) that I am truly in awe of the grace.  He was acting disturbed by my questioning of the truth, whereas Gurudev has continued to encourage me to question everything.  He was giving a shortened version of truth which was remarkably disappointing, since I am a beginner and he is an advanced teacher.  My truth detector was on red alert.

Part of the beauty of it all was (not unlike Mayapur) that I got to experience the spiritual teachings without training wheels.  Wow has Gurudev packed a lot in and it leaves me excited for how much is still to come.  So different to argue for the purity of Absolute Truth with only the intention of finding truth inside the discussion and not having the ego involved in the solution.  Getting to see a spiritual master demonstrate humility with grace for the sake of the Divine.  In most of society, the ego is selfish, so the discussion ends with anger, frustration, etc. rather than respect and Absolute Love.  My enquiry was only for the purity of what Gurudev has so clearly held as the standard in every conversation.

He also said that once one has his/her Guru, follow the teachings, don't waiver, and one doesn't need more.  Earlier while I was sitting in the remarkable energetic field of Gurudev before he departed, I was saying a prayer of gratitude for his skillful unwinding of my veils to reach some inner knowing of my Self as an individuated spark of the Divine.

He graciously offered me prasad and encouraged me to come again.

Everything is in place to start tomorrow at Mother Teresa's House.  I met the Sisters and the women who are there for care.  They were very sweet.

I was going to walk everyday, but something someone said yesterday made me rethink that plan.  I am treating myself to an auto-rickshaw, so I can wrap the daily experience of the two in a buffered transport system. 7:30 -8:30 Ramakrishna Temple, 8:30-noon Mother Teresa, and dropped at the gym on the way home.  It will give me more time to read and meditate at the ashram.

There are parts of India that are fatiguing. While walking to the gym this morning, I passed one of the many park benches that are set below the sidewalk level.  I don't usually take notice of the people on the benches, but I happened to glance over and there was a man with his favorite part of his anatomy out getting some sun and playing with it.  It did make we wonder how the rest of the day was going to unfold if this was only the morning section--zero to one million.

Wonderful quote by a native, "Garbage is a must." The view outside my door .

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