Monday, January 21, 2013

"The Walk"

An early start
Curious to see how long it would take me to walk to the Ramakrishna Temple, Mother Teresa's House, and back home.  Four hours roundtrip, so it was the best choice to take the auto-rickshaw early in the morning.  I haven't walked from one end of the city to the other in quite a while, so it was another petri dish to check in with.

The Universe is very disciplined about the circling on the spiral staircase.  The dog who I thought was a pile of burnt debris appears to be alive--not a pretty sight (bloody wounds on his head from scratching the mange and a broken front leg that appears to have set in the most remarkably odd fashion) but still alive and alert.  Wow, the tenaciousness of the living.  Help In Suffering tried to come out and catch him over a year ago.

(short video below 19 seconds)

One of the orange robed beings at the Ramakrishna Temple kindly shared his recommended list of books to have while I was picking up a few extras for friends at home.  He smiled when it turned out that I had all of them.  Looking forward to checking out the woman's order in Northern California.  Stopped by the MT School/House to drop off copies of the artwork I was inspired to create and to thank them profusely for their generosity.  The Sister was really happy when I told her that I was now going to read the Old and New Testament; curiosity since it led Mother Teresa to such a remarkable, selfless practice.

The city has made some recent improvements:

An entire row of trash cans--exciting.
New bus stops all over the city.  Even wheelchair access with the ramps.
Nice path to walk on while walking home from the gym.
Lots of lessons with checkmarks now learned from "The Walk."

Mobile merchant cart by day and dog house by night.

Team effort
Betel rolls?
There was only one moment that I needed to steady myself before continuing to walk.  One of the bay horses who I have seen pulling a cart with bloodied front legs, now has a remarkably revolting attempt for blistering a place on the inside of his hind leg.  And he gets no time off for recovery.  He was standing with the leg held up in a non-weight bearing fashion before he was asked to trot off.  The dark side of human unconsciousness.  I new it would come again at some point.  This isn't a free-ranging animal, so it is a form of brutality, slavery, violation that is a distant cousin to gang rape, forced prostitution, and child slavery.

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