Sunday, October 28, 2012

What Drives The Movement Towards Self?

Preparing for the celebration

As the peephole to the self as a physical reality retreats, what is the force, the call, the process behind this movement?  Is the rebirth process as "concrete" as the actual birth?  It there a timing?  Is this destiny?  I was told that 1% of the world's population is actively partaking in this process.  Of course, we are all partaking, but the difference is the layer of consciousness, awareness, and "letting go."  Within this small percentage, the path is still varied. One can become attached within exploring the expansiveness/"the void." Divine breadcrumbs all the way to the end?  Until every cell has gone through transformation?

At the moment, my heart is becoming the new first responder and "intelligence."  My mind and intellect are following if needed.  The vibrational influence of the living guru is still staggering.  A small point of contact can leave me disoriented in the physical form.  It is only noticeable when I need to take action, otherwise the outward seeping of the inward field would go unrecognized.  Does a drunkard know they are drunk until they need to stand, walk, or drive?  Jai Guru!

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