Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Reflections From Nine Days of Intensity

The amazing offering of time, work, and thoughtfulness by the ashram community to support and orchestrate nine days of intensity.

Witnessing the dedication by the Pandits in their service to the Divine.  One of my favorite parts was sitting in the resonance of their chanting in between the actual puja.  

Appreciating the sincere attention to detail in all aspects of service whether it was to another human, Gurudev, or Durga.  The flowers for the garlands were hand strung by the ashram women.  Hundreds (thousands?) of prasad were thoughtfully created in the banana leaf bowls. Gurudev's personal invitations for joining the breakfasts, lunches, and dinner.  Cooking large quantities of lovely food and serving with kindness. 

The ashram was kept clean and tidy while the masses moved through the rooms and corridors.

No detail was ever unwilling embraced by anyone available--awesome team effort by people enjoying being in service.

The love, respect, and gratitude for Gurudev was palpable continuously.

Sitting alone or with the group was always available and supported.  

A celebration that was centered around honoring a spiritual being created an inward reflective state that generated unity and sharing at a more subtle level than what is often found at large group gatherings.

Preparation and clean-up were completed with a seamless execution.

A privilege to partake and bare witness to it all.  Jai Guru!

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