Thursday, October 18, 2012

Stating The Obvious

As I deepen my awareness of the two disturbance paths, I see that they are inherent in our perceived structure as a human.  The personality, 5 senses, and intelligence make up the taking action from a point of attachment and the soul, wisdom, unconditional love, intuition is the path from the point of the divine. Stating the obvious, we not only take those as action paths, but it is who we are as individuals.

While fact checking, there was mention of a few beings without bodies, and a couple of other points, but this was basically true for the general population.  He also mentioned that the soul list would become automatic as one becomes more aware of it and lives from that perspective.  Gurudev laughed when I proclaimed that I was in India for the awareness conversion to the soul path.  Always a joy to be part of the sincere comic relief.

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