Sunday, October 28, 2012

Different Paths For Understanding The Divine

(short video clip below)

As I make the transition from meditating to walking, I realized that my shift is only visual and not inward.  For me, I have been observing and digesting all of the variations of God's manifestations. Even with the challenges and fascinations of what the street scene provides, most observations come from a place in my heart--as if my heart has eyes.  Watching the young girl on the tightrope is not so different than watching the young boys showing magic tricks, the young boys sweeping the streets daily, or the young girl performing cartwheels between the busy lanes of traffic. Their ages?  I would guess 10 or under?  My heart is the place of reaction--the pain can be exquisite beauty or exquisite pain. Both create a vitality and aliveness that is deeply internal--a life of its own.  Those appear to be the moments of sensing True Nature.

All of it is the illusion or the reality depending on your moment of perception.  An additional young girl attends to the live wire act's music production with a car battery attached to a megaphone, all while attending a small baby asleep in a large metal pan.

Baby in a pan in the shade
There are three wires with performers--all remarkable young girls who after performing hop down and pursue the crowd with a bowl for rupees.  The "magic" boys are the same as tour bus after tour bus pull up along the curb--they know how to work, perform, assess the crowd while many children are attending school, playing after school sports, attending a music lesson, or just hanging out with friends.

As I continue my walk through the Divine's Playground, I observe creative road repair and road blocks--ingenuity over and over.  Why not use your bicycle for transportation and a road cone?

Saves taxpayer dollars and it works!

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