Friday, October 26, 2012

Strength in Vulnerability

Examining the true nature of strength in vulnerability, flexibility, and surrender.  The development of the personality structure appears to have created a rigid structure (our personalities), so the spiritual path appears to put us back on the flexibility/vulnerability path--opening to a new capacity.  The clear imagery of palm trees surviving in hurricane winds with their ability to bend is often used for imagery.  Where does the bending become skillful and where does the bending create a complete uprooting.  Words from the wise were to act according to the street rules and "ashram rules" according to what scene is unfolding in the play.

One moment observing a very young girl, (an image of innocence) pranaming repeatedly and authentically at Gurudev's feet.  All part of the childlike play that we as adults often experience at Gurudev's feet, but she was exemplifying this beautiful truth.  The interaction and acknowledgement of the offering was staggering in its beauty to the core of the heart.

The next moment walking down the street and having a young man on a motorcycle reach out and whack me.  He must not have been very intelligent, because when he passed by me again, I reached out grabbing the young man by his shirt and pulled him loose from the moving motorcycle.

Over and over the diversity of what is unfolding--when to be open/vulnerable and when to take action by street rules.  I feel like a palm tree with feet.

Diversity in the same walk

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