Saturday, October 6, 2012

How To Be In Service

Flowering tree at the ashram

The hidden gem, watching the Divine embodied as a Guru serving everyone who enters the ashram doors or makes a phone call with equal attention to detail, respect, and love without any trace of taking--only giving.  I could sit and let the tears stream as I behold such a precious and remarkable sight of living grace.  How does he do it?  And if you ask him, he says it is grace and points to the Divine Genealogy that is pictured hanging over the receiving area.  Tirelessly he serves--over and over and over.

I have been to parties where the staff does a flawless job of serving, friends/family gatherings where everyone chips in to have an event run smoothly, purchasing something at a department store with outstanding customer service, and I could go on with the human variations.  What is different?  Gurudev doesn't serve to gain favors, make money, keep friends, satisfy a family, or more.  Most humans have some underlying motive if searched deep enough--some thread of attachment.  He has none.

Another remarkable aspect is that he has no preparation.  He is available for whatever challenge may be needing attention and everyone who comes wants something.  The detail may take a few minutes or a few hours.  Someone on the phone may just want to hear his voice or need consultation for a human crisis.  A pigeon may need rescuing from behind the refrigerator or an important document needs signing.  What about the daily accounting, decisions for the school/ashram, and the international field...

I know that I have mentioned these things before, but sitting and observing daily is a profound teaching in itself.  While sitting with only the desire to learn more about the Divine path, an unexpected, gigantic teaching has unfolded--how to be in service by a Master.  One who we should be serving.

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