Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Two Disturbance Paths.

Zero to one hundred--the amazing in India

In the early morning, I was in a cement room with a group of men (working out at the gym) and it was repulsive and distasteful from the lack of respect and education of polite social behavior.  A few hours later, I was in a cement room with a group of men (the Pandits decorating and setting up for Navaratra) and it was peaceful, lovely, and enriching for the soul. Same human experiencing two worlds.  How much is illusion and how much is truth?

The day before, I had asked Gurudev about sitting in the middle of two paths and trying to integrate them together.  To the right is a disturbance from the point of separation from the Divine and to the left is a disturbance from the point of human attachment.  While walking down the street to the gym, I feel like I am walking to the left with a sense of the Divine inside.  While sitting in the ashram, I feel like I am sitting to the right with periodic experiences of exterior activity.  He said that on the street, I need to go by the rules of the street, but in a quiet place, I can move in the direction of the Divine vibration.  That just made life easier--sorting out whether to take action from the ego or not has been a study in itself.

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