Saturday, October 20, 2012

A Walk To My Favorite Temple

The walk involved a challenging animal event of course, since it is always my personalized test zone for more cracking open of the heart--sort of like salt in a wound, but in a useful way.  There was a small group of dogs on a very busy part of the narrow road.  They were waiting for one of the pack members to move, so I went to see if I needed to call Help In Suffering.  The dogs were all very respectful, kind, and patient while I examined the small, black dog.  It looked like he might just need to catch his breath from a blow instead of seeing any broken appendages.  I promised that I would check in on my way back, but in the meantime rest and stay safe.  It was lovely to see how the three other dogs waited for their friend even without the "intelligence" people who don't understand animals often label them as inferior. It is so easy for me to drop into their world--a moment of real presence since my clothes, skin color, haircut, etc. did't matter.

As I returned to the path, the tears came.  "Ok God just keep hitting me with the stick until I understand what I need to know."

My favorite temple is small, quiet, and usually no one is present.  While I digested the most recent part of the life lesson plan, I could sit with myself and the Divine and almost no disturbances for India.  The woman who attends it is always gentle and kind.  She is never asking for money or being aggressive in any way--just making space for meditation and peacefulness.  "What next?"  How to keep unfolding and uncovering the blind and not so blind spots.

Walking through Amber Fort and down the steps was like something from a carnival with people opening baskets of snakes, a young child painted in blue dancing as Krishna, a cow with something "fake" growing out of her back, the man with his plastic leg sitting beside him, children begging, bangles to buy and so on--all wanting money. Can I blame them? Not really, we all have to make a living.

The dogs were gone when I returned to that point on the path and the energy didn't feel dark. Jai Guru.

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