Saturday, October 27, 2012

Reverse Birthing

It appears that all of the no-body, shakti etc. have been showing me the world behind what I thought was reality.  If I draw a small circle for the self on a stage with no limits, cut the circle in half:  1) one side is the self as I am getting to know it in this mystic's world and 2) one side is the self as I know it in the physical world describes my current reality (haven't narrowed down the percentages.)  Before, it was the opposite with the circle set on the stage of the Earth play.

As the obscurations are removed, I am heading towards a reverse birth (realization.)  Coming into form required an adjustment while adding a skin suit and walking in the human world.  Now, I am birthing backwards by letting go of the skin suit and adjusting back into the truth of who I am.  "Not an unreasonable observation" and a head nod were the fact checking responses.  Of course, recognizing that it isn't by my design or on my time schedule.

Thank you Bhavani for the following link!  Everything stated so clearly and simply.

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