Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Rediscovering The Brotherhood

My morning contemplation started with a fact check, "My strength can also be my weakness?"  How is my will and warrior nature preventing me from going deeper into the whole was to become my meditation inquiry as the answer was a yes nod.

While soaking in the energetic vibration of Navaratra, the beauty of witnessing the head Pandit pranam to Gurudev and Gurudev in turn pranamming to Durga and the Divine Field was stunning.  The deep inner vibration of Absolute Truth and Absolute Love generated the uncontrolled tearing up. What a teaching to witness the Divinity in action with and without a form.  There was a moment that I had to touch my head to see if the hole I was feeling in my forehead and crown were real or not.

As I stirred from a deep meditation, what followed was an awareness of the interconnection of us all from the point of Divine inspiration and not just a theory of us all tethered in some capacity.  I was reunited with the brotherhood of shared human community.  More tears as I began to remember how beautiful that point of sharing could be and a familiarity to not feel like an outsider.

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