Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Spiritual Flow Chart Completed

Working thought waves from street rules/spiritual deepening, two concrete paths down to how these two aspects manifest as truths in the self as an energetic form.  How to get the physical half to merge with the energetic half, so all is energetic--the self as a complete spiritual being?  Starting with the circle with the line down the middle (the circle as self), I had the "physical" half following the truth path and the "energetic" half following the love path.  As the self takes on the truth path, I had it crossing the line into the purely energetic half to join the already energetic path of love.  Gurudev nodded, but suggested I move the merging point back to the middle, since pure spirit beings can be viewed as insane unless one is a saint or something along those lines.  Ok, these are the points I would obviously never have insight to, so cool.  The spiritual flow chart is "completed,"--at least for now.

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