Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hand Mudras

While I was meditating, someone came by and put my fingers into a mudra.  How could just putting two fingers together and straightening the other three create such an amazing energetic shift?  It felt like my entire spine was energized, a coat of energy was wrapped around my body, fireballs in my hands, and more.  Wow!  It turns out that there is a carefully examined science behind it from a long time ago. The article below expressed a lot of what the person explained to me directly.  Now meditating without the hand position feels empty.  Looking forward to learning more.

Mudras, ... Mudras- the hand gestures used in yoga, meditation and dance practices: the art, philosophy and science behind them.

The relevance of practicing Mudras and their health benefits described in Yoga and Indian philosophy:

According to the ancient Indian philosophy, the five fingers in our hand represent five elements. The thumb represents the fire element, the index finger stands for air, the middle finger for space,the ring finger for earth,
and the little finger represents the water element.  Article continues....

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