Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Take The Bar Away

"Thank you Divine One for continuing to unfold the lesson plan."

Expectations appear to always be the hole to fall into, the bump in the road to trip over, or the place for a disturbance to create pain.  In many ways a lot of my questions have been answered, so I need to just settle into a stroke and swim.  The manipulation and violation of animals are what compelled me to search for some point of shared kindness within the human's potentiality--was there one?  It appears in the soul--an individuated spark of the Divine.  

Now to observe the manipulation towards or in the presence of the guru is equally disturbing.  Here lives one of the most gentle, loving, peaceful, kind-hearted, conscious beings on the planet and people still play the manipulation game.  I know that he has the best chance of surviving it, but it does make it indisputable just how crazy humans really are. 

Is this the lesson?  Take the bar away, have zero expectations, no attachments, no desires, and keep on living.  All of it sounds familiar and located somewhere on an earlier rung of the spiral staircase.  This realization has really whacked a hole in my heart as I assimilate this lesson again at such a breathtaking level of truth, love, and wisdom. "Let Go!" are those famous Gurudev words ringing at a new depth.  At least there is an option, since holding on would probably kill me, (hmmm...)  Stop trying to hold onto anything and just get use to swimming without a horizon, landmark, or any point of reference.  I have everything that I need in the nothingness--right?

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