Saturday, October 13, 2012

Human Scratchiness

More grace
Having a range of embodied vibrational frequencies to sense into has helped me to finally understand and come to terms with scratchiness.  In this particular lifetime, my entire life has been a battlefield for understanding the vibration of human beings.  They have different and varied resonance textures than nature and animals--oh so different!  The humans inclusion of emotions and varying degrees of consciousness appear to make resonance dance around like different musical pieces--jazz, classical, pop, gospel, etc.

Sitting in the stillness of someone like Gurudev has given me a reference point for what can be basically disturbance free while inhabiting a form.  I am quite familiar with non human animal vibrations, so everything between four-leggeds and the guru have a varied symphony of noises.  In meditation, I have been able to go under all of it, but what about walking and sitting in it during the non-meditative wake state?  Yet another layer identified and set free.

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