Saturday, October 27, 2012

Views From the Ganesha Temple

The fitness program is paying off.  Two times up the stairs at the Ganesha Temple.

Zero to One Hundred in India.  It is all available.

We were troubling over what to do with our garbage, since there are almost no trash cans available, no regular garbage pick-up service--only a tractor scooping up piles of refuse dumped at the end of the street and dumping it into the back of a truck.  We are able to pass the recycled pieces onto the people foraging for material recyclables, the organic material to the various cows, pigs, and dogs that inhabit the area, but we did have to concede to dropping some waste at the end of the road.

Very believable article:  India's Plague, Trash, Drowns Its Garden City During Strike 

Local stream crossing full of trash.  (Short video below of recently cleaned water way.)

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