Monday, October 1, 2012

Divine Bread Crumbs

Waiting for a customer in the shade of his cart, as cars drive by--trust, faith?

Free will, the Divine's Bread Crumbs, so we always have a choice to head Home. 

There has been another shift. Instead of surviving the internal fracturing, there is a desire to be fractured so the light can enter more profusely. It feels like the more light, the more direct the connection to the Divine. I feel like the caterpillar trying to find the way out of itself, so the surface area becomes smaller and the level of energy becomes less constricted. The energy manifests in varying degrees of intensity.

As I walk by the older gentleman lying on the street who looks like he is having convulsions, I didn't feel as repulsed, helpless, and disturbed.  I could quietly observe, note if I need to take action, and offer a small blessing.  The small blessing is a new tool that also allows me to look into the eyes of the elephant who is chained by two legs, the eyes of the camel who has  200 flies on his pegged nose, the young child sweeping the street every morning...and sense something on a much grander scale could provide assistance.  Maybe this is my own illusion for placating the depths of despair, but for now, I am going to apply it and see what happens.

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