Monday, October 22, 2012

Spiritual Egotism

Spiritual materialism was examined and acknowledged, but what about spiritual egotism?  Shall I just accept that two-legs and a skin sack translates to some percentage of ego even on the spiritual path?  Fact check; yes, there will always be limits.  Ok, but how much of a limit?  How does a newbie on the spiritual path stay out of the pot holes on the spiritual path?  If I am limited by my own ego and I ask others who are limited by their ego (but many don't recognize that limit), it sounds like a recipe for a dented front fender--street talk for the spiritual path.  What are some of the hazard signs?  Anyone who talks about getting initiated, being enlightened, having certain spiritual credentials, my radar should start to vibrate for the ego channel.  It is not to say there couldn't be experiences or advice to consider, but I am searching for an understanding at the top of the spiritual pyramid.  With a very serious and reflective tone, Gurudev stated that there are VERY few true gurus on the planet, so what does one do?

At some point, a direct download will start working, but until then?  He did mention that it was an organic process and doesn't require a guru, but one can be helpful.  What needs to go to on the surrender pile to get on the list for direct download?  Losing all attachments, so a void/space can be created.

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