Monday, August 13, 2012

Usefulness of Being Crushed

The Door

Typically, having "to the root of my being" trampled/pulverized has been useful for personal growth.  Like a dog needing to let go of a bone--what was it that I needed to let go of?  (Thank you Gurudev for the latest assigned reading material. ) I was getting the idea that the Divine is the only place to seek refuge and the continued challenge of sorting through the Earth Drama, but somehow, I thought I might take some refuge in the animal world while working on the divine connection.  I already have lived that path (and it is a comfortable one when the two-leggeds are not involved), so why not show me how unskillful that is by witnessing an elephant ( a massive bone) diagonally restrained by two legs.  Lesson learned--bruised, but up and moving toward the light again. "Let Go!", are those words vibrating in my inner ear and heart.

What I understand now it that life and the body are the obstacle course, the training ground for self-realization, the battle field in the Gita. Pranam to all of it and the Absolute Wisdom.

Is it open or closed?

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