Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Ego Status

Pranam to the feet of wisdom

As I move deeper towards the ground of being and still walk in the physical world, I had a question if the ego ever drops away. "No."  The hope is to train it not to act out, so let it out of the cage when it needs to aid in taking action and in between have it return to a state of rest, so the inner tranquility can preside.

I started to question how much ego is involved with the desire to move more completely towards the divine. "Yes, it will be part of the path."  At least I am not losing my mind that it is part of the embodied  human package--fact check.

As periodic disturbances arise on the walk, I was wondering if I was suppose to completely stay out of action in order to stay in peace. "No, there will be times to act, but the work is to return to peace and calm."

Nothing really new to add to the list, just very clear conformation of the work in progress.  "Not easy."

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