Monday, August 20, 2012


A rather large, poisonous lizard found its way into my bedroom.  While trying to get it out, the landlord was set on "bopping" it on the head until death.  I just wanted it not to live with me.  Does the line feel different with a reptile vs. a mammal?

Gurudev even resolves hair issues.  The barber comes once a month to the ashram for one of the Baba's to get his haircut, so I can bring my own razors and get in line--25 rp.  That was easy.  The electric clippers I brought were smoking and blew up after only a few minutes, so Laura cut the rest with a razor. The electrical wiring where I live is a little bit suspicious, so we thanked Gurudev for not getting electrocuted while having a hair adventure.

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