Monday, August 27, 2012

His Exquisite Nature

I have been working on my sensory pegboard and even had an extended public experience of complete inner stillness while all 5 senses were challenged.  It does take concentration and it is a bit odd, since senses run most of my life.  Being a person who likes to sit in the back of a room, observe quietly, or have an intimate conversation one-on-one there are some familiar aspects.  The big difference is to do it consciously, not as a survival technique, heart open, and for an exploration of the path to the One.

Somehow while looking into the eyes of Gurudev as he is thoughtfully answering a spiritual question--the new state is crumbled.  In a flash, tears are welling up unexpectedly, my heart is turning into coagulated goo, and only a small thread of mental awareness is left in tact.  Face to face with the Divine and His exquisite nature.

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