Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Only A Week Has Passed

The fruit vendor
Cultivated my first round of sprouts, found a wonderful yogurt supply, bottled water by the box, fresh vegetables available from the street vendor, fruit across the street from the gym, gym membership reestablished, a legal residence/address confirmed, sharing with a woman from Italy (a Gurudev disciple) as my next room neighbor, bucket baths, ceiling fan, clothes line, new walking shoes, are all back in place.  Daily process:  reading two to three times a day, exercising twice, Ashram twice a day, and the internet in between.  Electricity is staying on daily, plenty of running water, an air conditioner was installed at the gym, another woman frequently uses the gym while I am there, sorting through the unfavorable behavior while walking--five months was a very short time to be away. 

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